Committees are truly the backbone of this association.  Our not-for-profit association is run by the committees below, made up of members from all aspects of DPHA: reps, dealers, manufacturers and professional members.  Our committees are always looking for eager and willing members!  If you are interested in joining a committee, or have any questions, please reach out to DPHA Staff


Awards Committee

Chair: Kim Frechette (Americh) and Dennis Mezzapesa (TCB Sales)

The primary responsibilities of the DPHA Awards Committee are:

  • Improve communicating nominations criteria, benefits of participation and the overall quality and quantity of nominations
  • Recognize outstanding accomplishments in the decorative plumbing and hardware industry
  • Create industry awareness of the program and winners
  • Spotlight exceptional individuals, companies and products
  • Involve the whole Association in the process of nominations
  • Publish the Product of the Year Guide

This committee meets for 1 hour the first Monday of the month via Zoom.


Marketing Committee

Co-Chairs: Phil Hotarek (Lutz Bath & Kitchen) and Oliver Bleich (Vella, DBA KEUCO Americas)

The primary responsibilities of the Marketing Committee are:

  • Recruit and retain DPHA members
  • Marketing the benefits of DPHA membership to members and prospects
  • Develop promotional videos to promote membership and conference participation
  • Develop promotional products and enhance DPHA’s brand
  • Sponsor regional meetings (if possible)

This committee meets for 1 hour the fourth Monday of the month via Zoom.


Professional Development Committee

Co-Chairs: Cynthia Carter (Next Generation Marketing) and Eric Phelps (QM Drain) 

The primary responsibilities of the Professional Development Committee are:

  • Update Education Program manuals
  • Promote participation in the DPHA Recognition Program
  • Update DPHA Recognition Program exams as necessary
  • Publish new Education Program manuals
  • Recognize showroom professionals who successful complete the recognition program

This committee meets for 1 hour the second Monday of the month via Zoom.


Program and Showcase Committee

Co-Chairs: Rich Campbell (Belmont Hardware) and Gary Erickson (Renaissance Design Studio)

The primary responsibilities of the Program and Showcase Committee are:

  • Develop educational programs for the annual conference
  • Approve programs and speakers that are presented at the annual conference
  • Promote the benefits of attending the conference
  • Encourage manufacturer participation in the Annual Product Showcase

This committee meets for 1 hour the third Monday of the month via Zoom.