Professional Development Training

Offered each year at the DPHA Annual Conference, the Professional Development Training is an opportunity for your sales consultants to learn from some of the best trainers in the country. This year we are bringing the program to DPHA @ Home Edition, giving even more members access to great training!




Meeting & Exceeding Customer Expectations


Presented by: Teresa Allen

Your customer needs your empathetic ear and a willingness to meet them in their own comfort zone now more than ever.  Customer service expert Teresa Allen will share an interactive virtual program that will enable you to grow sales through common sense service encounters.  Explore how to navigate through conflicts and ask the right questions to become a trusted advisor. Learn how to build confidence and generate referrals by taking a genuine interest in your customer’s life and the unique challenges they are facing in today’s anything but normal world!

This year’s program will feature a panel of industry leaders; Mary Labowitz of Premier Decorative Group, Debbie Miller of Miller’s Elegant Hardware, Ron Routhier of Belmont Hardware and Ram Ponce of Hydro Systems.  The panel will focus on how to navigate the issues of today, including:

  • How to sell and overcome supply chain issues
  • Best practices for handling price changes
  • How to keep clients engaged with brick and mortar instead of the ease of online merchants
  • Ways to elevate sales staff to compete with online retail.

This will be a Zoom Meeting with a limited attendee list and video will be required.


$75 Professional Development Training only

$185 Includes full conference registration



If you are registering 5 of more people from the same company for the training, package pricing may be available. Please contact for more information.


Check out these testimonials from past Professional Development Training attendees:


There is nothing better then being a part of a whole….being a part of a company, a community, an industry, and an Association. By introducing sales consultants to the DPHA, it allows them to embrace the industry they are in which, in return, gives them a sense of pride, a feeling of unity, and a desire to grow. There is no better place to learn and develop, all while being surrounded by your new extended family. The DPHA provides, in a sense, the reassurance any owner that their associate is invested and proud!

Debbie Miller, Manager, Millers Elegant Hardware

My experience in Seattle for DPHA was great! I thought our speaker was great, and everything in her book was very relevant to our industry and really got me thinking. She was very good at engaging everyone, and keeping it fun as we all interacted together. I enjoy getting to network and learn more each time I attend. It's great to be able to see what is new and coming to the market that we can add to our showroom while chatting and learning from each booth.

Kayla Liseth, Sales Consultant, Belmont Hardware


I have enjoyed attending the DPHA conference for the last two years as a sales consultant representing Millers Elegant Hardware. This event has not only allowed me to connect with like-minded people, but has given me the opportunity to really get excited about product in a more “intimate” setting. Meeting the faces behind the product you sell and really seeing how passionate everyone is about their profession helps light a little fire and gets you motivated for whats to come! The Professional Development Training has been extremely beneficial to me as well. Meeting with other salespeople and discussing the similarities and differences in our day to day experience is very helpful. You realize that most showrooms have encounters with customers and vendors in the same way, and its gives some insight on how to tackle particular/new situations.

Daniela Abel, Sales Consultant, Millers Elegant Hardware