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1. Gessi Colour

Gessi combines ethereal elements of water and light to create a spectacular shower system known as COLOUR. As part of the brand’s signature Private Wellness® Program, Colour employs refreshing waterfalls, stimulating hydro-massage, soft nebulized mists, and mood-changing hues to produce a sensory shower like no other. It is a masterful merging of function, aesthetic and technical prowess that sets Gessi apart as a true innovator in the luxury plumbing industry.

Tags: chromatherapy, shower heads, luxury showers
2. ThermaSol HydroVive

ThermaSol® is introducing their most advanced rainhead called HydroVive. Combining the latest technology in sound, light and water delivery, HydroVive provides users with their best and most highly personalized shower experience. Taking a cue from the development of their Serenity Light, Sound and Rainhead, the engineers at ThermaSol have integrated the newest audio and lighting technology to create this single, self-contained module which provides the most advanced wellness aspects for the ultimate smart shower experience.

Tags: shower heads, steam showers, luxury showers, luxury bathrooms

Displaying: 1 - 2 of 2