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BainUltra's New BeOne™ Delivers a Lavish Massage in a Singular Circular Tub.


Discover a bathing experience inspired by centuries-old traditions. BainUltra® is pleased to introduce BeOne™, a first-of-its-kind freestanding tub that translates the traditional Japanese style bath into modern times. The bath has always held importance in Japanese culture as a means to cleanse and purify the body and soul.  BainUltra embraces that idea, pairing their signature air jets with the tub’s circular design to create a powerful yet soothing massage that is unique in today’s market.

BeOne is a tub built especially for one, creating a bath environment where the user can focus on self and personal wellness, allowing the warmth and water to relax the body and create space for mindfulness and restorative thought. When enjoyed together with BainUltra’s popular therapy options, BeOne becomes a truly exceptional sensory experience.

This simple yet elegant tub is a beautiful choice for a luxury-minded bathroom. Its compact design requires little floor space, yet its deep bathing well with built-in seat allows a single bather to rest comfortably upright for a supremely satisfying soak. The BeOne tub is offered as a soaker or with the brand’s signature Thermomasseur® technology with up to 40 air jets and Geysair® hot air system for the ultimate hydro-thermo massage. Other therapy options include WarmTouchShell® which radiates heat from three heating zones within the tub’s shell. Bathers can further enhance their experience by adding Illuzio® chromatherapy to soothe or energize. The tub is crafted of 100% pure acrylic for impressive durability and a long-lasting beauty that is easy to clean and maintain. Measuring 46" x 39" x 30", the tub is available in a glossy white, with options for a dramatic black and white finish or the brand’s Ultravelour matte finish.



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