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BOCCHI Adds Granite Sink Collection to Current Product Offerings.

BOCCHI has added a granite sink collection to their current product offerings, the company recently announced. The sinks are a return to the U.S.-based company’s roots, as they are produced in Italy.

The new sinks are available in five different sizes and are offered in two different designs. The Campino Uno, a single bowl Undermount/Drop-In sink, will be available in 33 and 24 inch options, as well as a 16 inch bar sink option. The Campino Duo features a 33 inch double bowl, and the Arona, an apron-front farmhouse sink with an integrated workstation, will follow in September. This farmhouse sink will include a range of custom accessories and a reversible installation that allows users to choose between a traditional or contemporary look.

The composition of the granite includes silver ions, which kill off bacteria that come into contact with the surface, while titanium dioxide nanoparticles work to neutralize odors and purify the air. Both materials are designed to last the entirety of the sink’s lifetime. Additionally, the surface is also stain and impact resistant, scratch proof, non-discoloring and easy to clean. 

The granite sinks are available in Matte Black, Metallic Black, and Concrete Gray color options. Each sink is comprised of 80% granite quartz and 20% resin, providing a surface that can withstand heat up to 540 degrees Fahrenheit. Accessories for the new sink line include colanders, cutting boards, roller mats, and strainers. 




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