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BOCCHI Adds Workstation Concepts to Current Line of Product Offerings.

BOCCHI has added built-in workstation concepts by expanding two of its popular current product offerings, the Step-Rim collection (left) and the Sotto (below), and increasing the accessories offered with both. The newly-introduced workstations add additional space and versatility to the sinks, giving the user the ability to wash, chop and drain all in one area, while decreasing the effort required to sanitize food.

The workstations aim to give the user a variety of options while preparing food or cleaning up after a meal, while maximizing space. Available in multiple sizes, installations, and both single or double basins, they offer a solution for every home. Food can be washed, chopped and prepped in one area and still leave room for cleaning and soaking.

The Step-Rim collection gives customers the option to use an apron front sink model, while the Sotto is recommended for those who want the look of an undermount sink or don’t have the cabinetry needed for an apron front sink to be installed. The Step-Rim is available in 30, 33 and 36 inch models with single or double-basin options, while the Sotto ranges from a 33 inch model to a 15 inch version. 

Both the Step-Rim collection and the Sotto with the workstations included are available in white and black, in both matte and glossy finishes. Other colors options are glossy biscuit and sapphire blue, as well as matte gray, dark gray and brown. In addition to the expanded Step-Rim collection and the Sotto, new accessories include roller mats, updated colanders with both traditional and expandable options, and additional cutting board sizes to fit the Sotto sinks. 




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