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Service Customers from Anywhere, Anytime. ERP Software on Your Smartphone from DDI System.


ERP functionality on the road, in the showroom, or while working at home, is invaluable for distributors today. The powerful cloud technology behind DDI System's InformMobile allows for real-time connection to Inform ERP.

Equip your customer service and sales teams with the information they need to take immediate action by reviewing stock, creating quotes and orders, and viewing sales performance from any mobile device.

Join DDI System for an exciting overview of InformMobile as they showcase the benefits of providing immediate customer service.

  • Experience real-time ERP functionality on a smartphone or tablet
  • Perform critical customer service tasks such as create orders, view sales opportunity reports, quotes, backorders and invoices
  • Gain a competitive edge with an ERP software that delivers a connected CRM, eCommerce, mobile solution



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