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Mountain Plumbing Offers the Convenience of Air Switch Activation in a Variety of Styles and Finishes.

Mountain Plumbing’s line of “Deluxe” Air Switches provide safe and convenient waste disposer activation right from the countertop.

Perfect for island or other damp environment installations, there will be no “wet hands fear” when turning on the disposer as the air switch makes an electric shock virtually impossible as it delivers a puff of air to operate the disposer. With a simple push of a button, the disposer turns on and off and you never have to move away from the kitchen sink area to activate.

For use with all continuous feed waste disposers, Mountain's Deluxe Air Switches are made with solid brass construction, come in both round and square, and can either be flush or raised. And of course, with multiple metal finishes and knurling details available from Mountain Plumbing, this simple yet convenient kitchen sink accessory can be matched with the rest of your fixtures.




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