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1. bath wine stand

Slip into your weekend with a relaxing bath, riveting book, and refreshing drink. Kartners' Bath Wine Stand elevates the experience. It is a truly lifestyle enhancing accessory that lets you indulge in peace.

Tags: bathroom accessories, accessories, bath accessories
2. Frank Allart Garment

Frank Allart has developed and released a full collection of Garment Rods (Valet Rods) using any of their 1.75” diameter Select or Precision Rosettes or 1.25” wide Rectangular Backplates along with the clients choice of 1.25” or 1.5” diameter Select or Precision Cabinet Knobs.

Tags: accessories, decorative hardware
3. Cal Faucets Grab Bars

California Faucets proves that the utilitarian can still be beautiful. The company’s versatile new Deluxe Grab Bars perfectly integrate into any style of bath, while keeping the focus on safety as well as good design.

Tags: aging in place, ADA, accessories, decorative plumbing, GRAB BARS

Displaying: 1 - 3 of 3