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1. Mountain Tub Dock

Mountain Plumbing Products has developed the Tub Docking Station as the ultimate solution to quickly and easily install freestanding bathtubs. It comes with an EZ-Click™ drain for tubs with integral overflow.

    Tags: bath drain, freestanding bath
    2. HS Obsidian

    Obsidian is a striking noir volcanic glass which ancient human civilizations chiseled to use as tools, weapons and ornaments. Hydro Systems references that harmony of function and aesthetic through the thoughtful design of the Obsidian bathtub.

    Tags: bathtubs, freestanding bath
    3. Bain Libra

    BainUltra celebrates balance and symmetry with their latest freestanding tub design – the Libra 6632. Named in honor of the celestial constellation depicting weighted scales, the Libra bathtub embodies the essence of harmony and peace with its flowing lines and sleek elegance. The look is timeless and refined, creating a sweet simplicity that easily compliments any bathroom décor. 

    Tags: bathtubs, freestanding bath, luxury bathrooms
    4. MTI Bowie

    MTI Baths celebrates innovative design with the unveiling of its stunning new Bowie freestanding tub. Immediately eye-catching for its unique “pleated” exterior, the Bowie adds unexpected texture to the bathroom with an exciting style that is chic, fun and amazingly versatile.

    Tags: bathtub, freestanding bath, luxury bathrooms
    5. Native Trails Charcoal

    Native Trails has expanded its sustainable NativeStone® sink and tub offerings to include a new, luxurious Charcoal finish that will be available for order in July 2021.

    Tags: bathroom sink, kitchen sink, freestanding bath, luxury bathrooms, luxury kitchens
    6. MTI Metro

    MTI Baths brings the beauty of pure simplicity to the bathroom with their new Metro Sculpted Finish® tubs.

    Tags: bathtub, freestanding bath, luxury bathrooms
    7. Barclay Portia

    Featuring a comfortable contemporary design, lightweight and durable Acrylic construction, and striking polished brass drain and overflow covers, the Portia tub is sure to please. Available with no faucet holes and tap deck (ATOVN67IG) or with 7" centers in tub deck (ATOV7H67IG).

    Tags: bathtub, freestanding bath, luxury bathrooms
    8. Hydro Systems Marquis

    With the success of the 65" Marquis freestanding tub, Hydro Systems is rolling out two new sizes - 59" and 68". The 59" version is available for order now and the 68" is coming soon. 

    Tags: freestanding bath
    9. BeOne Tub

    Discover a bathing experience inspired by centuries-old traditions. BainUltra® is pleased to introduce BeOne™, a first-of-its-kind freestanding tub that translates the traditional Japanese style bath into modern times. The bath has always held importance in Japanese culture as a means to cleanse and purify the body and soul.  BainUltra embraces that idea, pairing their signature air jets with the tub’s circular design to create a powerful yet soothing massage that is unique in today’s market.

    Tags: luxury bathrooms, freestanding bath, bathtub

    Displaying: 1 - 9 of 9