Education Manuals

DPHA offers the nation's only modular-based education program for showroom staff and others involved in the specification and sale of Decorative Plumbing and Hardware products. The Education Program combines explanations of the technical and performance superiority of products featured in decorative plumbing and hardware showrooms with guidance to improve sales skills. Topics covered include: Faucets, Baths, Finishes, Shower Systems, Steam Systems, Water Closets and Bidets, Sinks, Care and Maintenance, Hinges, Locks, Latch Sets and Door Hardware Trim, Waste and Supplies and Cabinet Hardware.  Click each manual to view it in full.

These manuals are available exclusively to DPHA Members.




Education Manuals:




Please note that there are quiz questions and answers at the end of each product chapter. You may want to remove the answer pages before giving the chapter to a new employee.  Those questions are being removed in all updated manuals.

More chapters are on the way, so check back regularly to see what is in the works.