Representative Membership Benefits

  • Industry Voice - DPHA offers its members a focused place to meet and interact with professionals across our industry to discuss our common goals and concerns. It is the only place where your voice has equal weight with those of your competitors, both large and small.
  • Education and Training Resources – DPHA’s training manuals are the perfect tool for onboarding new associates. The new DPHA University uses the information from the manuals to create an engaging online testing platform allowing managers to hold their associates accountable for the information they're learning and give them a sense of accomplishment. Speakers at the annual conference present new and interesting thought-provoking ideas that are relevant to our industry and the world we are living in.
  • Network with industry leaders – Connecting is one of the cornerstones of DPHA, and members are given opportunities to network throughout the year on our social platforms, committee calls and at our annual conference. Membership is made up of the industry’s best showrooms, manufacturers and reps. Networking with DPHA allows you to share experiences, create lasting relationships and turn those into business relationships. In a large international industry, DPHA makes it seem smaller and more intimate.
  • Increased Profitability – Membership opens doors to secure beneficial partnerships with new lines to sell. DPHA believes that increased profits come from investing in your people.
  • Access to the latest products – The Product Showcase at the annual conference allows for DPHA members to see the latest and greatest products from our manufacturing members in a more intimate and personal setting than large trade shows. DPHA is an excellent source of information on new products and market developments, and the weekly newsletter, Connections, provides great information on the industry.
  • Gain competitive advantages – Learn from other reps from all over the US and connect with manufacturers and showrooms on a more personal level. Many of our rep agencies add to their business through DPHA. Through volunteering on different committees, one gets to contribute their own knowledge and also share and learn from others.
  • National recognition – Awards are given out at the DPHA annual conference each year, including Representative Agency of the Year.

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