Council of Fellows' Scholarship

What is The Fellows Scholarship?

Established in 2008 by the DPHA Council of Fellows, the Scholarship Foundation honors the memory of all industry leaders and is presented at the DPHA Annual Conference held each fall. The Scholarship Fund is a monetary award to further the college, trade school or other postgraduate education of a child or grandchild of any individual working at a Decorative Plumbing & Hardware Association member business.  Applications for 2024 are open through May 31st. 


How You Can Support The Scholarship Fund.

Since its inception in 2001, DPHA’s success can be traced directly to the generosity of its members: individuals and organizations that have freely given of their time, talent and wisdom, in addition to their funds. DPHA is confident that this same spirit will make the DPHA Council of Fellows Scholarship flourish and become an award worthy of its namesakes.  This program is supported through individual donations (link below), as well as through contributions each year at Conference.


This Year's Honoree:

Each year our Fellows choose an industry leader to honor. This year we honor one of the greats, Chuck Johnson of The Furniture Guild.  Chuck epitomized what makes our industry special.  He was laser-focused on providing showrooms and its customers luxury products that might be copied by lower-priced competitors but could never be duplicated.  A constant stream of new innovations are hallmarks of the Furniture Guild’s offerings that remain a competitive advantage for showrooms today.  Chuck was obsessed with making our industry better by not only providing unique, head-turning products, but also training sales professionals to become better.


Scholarship Recipients

Recipients of the DPHA Council of Fellows' Annual Scholarship.
  • Ethan Varney

    Ethan Varney

    Ethan is the son of Scott Varney, FW Webb

    2023 Recipient

  • Mariah Overby

    Mariah Overby

    Mariah is the daughter of Stacia Overby, Fairmont Designs

    2023 Recipient

  • Angelle Burrow

    Angelle Burrow

    Showroom Salesperson, The Plumbing Warehouse - Lafayette

    2022 Recipient

  • Shane Huntsberger

    Shane Huntsberger

    Shane is the son of Debbie Miller at Millers Elegant Hardware

    2022 Recipient

  • Remington Allen

    Remington Allen

    Remington Allen is the son of Joe Allen from House of Rohl

    2021 Recipient

  • Callista West

    Callista West

    Callista is the daughter of Tim West of Native Trails

    2021 Recipient

  • Megan Tice

    Megan Tice

    Megan’s mother is Lu Hammond of Carr Company.

    2020 Recipient

  • Ethan Branning

    Ethan Branning

    Ethan’s mother is Carole Branning with California Faucets.

    2020 Recipient