Congratulations 2022 DPHA University and Recognition Program Graduates!

DPHA News,

Graduates of DPHA University, formerly the Recognition Program, have successfully completed all three categories of tests: Kitchen & Bath, Hardware, and General Knowledge.  They have shown that they are experts in their field - congratulations to this year's graduates!

  • Haley Bridgman - ProSource, LLC.
  • Alexia Petit - Astro Design Centre
  • Maureen Brown - Kohler Experience Center NYC by Best Plumbing Supply
  • Tierra Porter - Kohler Experience Center NYC by Best Plumbing Supply
  • Bryce Wilds - JCR Distributors
  • Chip Thieman - Pierce Hardware
  • Angelle Burrow - The Plumbing Warehouse Lafayette
  • Cyndi Jones - Pierce Hardware
  • Elizabeth Daniels - Pierce Hardware
  • Nancy Hines - Miller's Hardware
  • Susan Craft - Miller's Hardware