Effe Perfect Wellness Group Wins DPHA Innovative Engineering Product of the Year Award.

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INSIDE is a truly innovative mini generator that is installed inside a shower. It is placed just a couple of centimeters above the floor, ensuring a minimally intrusive presence. Intuitive commands and LED RGB lighting at the bottom add the finishing touch, packing all the top-quality features of a professional Turkish bath into one small space. Available in 3 and 4.5 kW for vol-umes up to 4.5 m3, INSIDE comes in two versions: INSIDE GLASS and INSIDE CAMOUFLAGE, where the front of the generator can be clad in the same material as the walls. 

INSIDE is an internal steam generator, meaning that the unit contains a boiler and diffuser in one compact panel, eliminating the need for an external unit placed outside the shower or hammam space. Effe has the only line of internal steam generators on the market and this technology is exclusive to Effe. INSIDE incorporates many of the same features that make the line of Effe’s internal steam generators so innovative, including the fact that like all Effe generators, the steam is unpressurized, resulting in soft, even clouds of steam that is never mixed with pressurized air. 

Honorable Mention

Brizo: Mystix Steam System
The Mystix Steam System by Brizo® indulges the senses. As water turns to vapor, the environment transforms—creating a restorative spa and wellness experience in the shower that soothes both body and mind.