Essential Tips for “Steamy” Sales and Success from MrSteam.

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Martha Orellana of MrSteam wants to help you go full steam ahead for success. For example, showing your customers the significant benefits of adding steam to their lives can produce new revenue opportunities.

Orellana was recently featured as a marketing expert on the “Leveraging Thought Leadership” podcast, sharing essential tips to effectively drive sales of a complicated product through effective marketing. Orellana’s tips can be applied to showroom leaders who want to differentiate themselves from the competition:

  • Effective thought leadership: Establish yourself as a trusted authority by sharing knowledge and insights with your clients can level the playing field for showrooms with limited marketing budgets.

  • Target the right audience and deeply understand their needs to create brand advocates.

  • Theatric and dramatic visuals can attract attention and set your showroom apart from the competition, such as stunning bathroom images.

  • Education is key in introducing a product like MrSteam to potential customers. In addition, creating an experiential component can enhance understanding and engagement. MrSteam does this with its Camp Feel Good events to help showroom consultants experience steam.

By following Orellana’s tips, showroom leaders will enhance their client’s experience and position themselves for “steamy” success.