Unlock Your Full “Steam” Potential With MrSteam University. 

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Class is in session at MrSteam University! The newly expanded, on-demand training program offers courses that cover the latest trends in residential homes and high-end commercial spaces.

The training also draws on MrSteam’s 100+ years of experience in steam manufacturing, so you can confidently address your client’s needs while increasing your sales potential for steam shower installations. The curriculum includes: 

  • Products, Technology and Innovation: Obtain a complete understanding of MrSteam products, how they work seamlessly together, and how to help your clients select the perfect system.

  • Wellness: Learn how steam —and augmented therapies in the form of music therapy, aromatherapy, and chromatherapy— can be integrated into homes and commercial spaces. 

  • Installation / How To's: Gain knowledge of steam shower installation so you can help clients understand how simple it is to add steam to any bath remodel project.

  • Specifying Steam: Learn the specification basics so you can confidently showcase how steam can fit almost any space or budget.