Native Trails Introduces Ocean, a Breathtaking New Finish in the NativeStone® Collection.

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Introducing Ocean—a breathtaking new finish for the bathroom sinks and tubs in the NativeStone® Collection, celebrating the brand’s continued journey in innovation and sustainability.

This luxurious blue-ish green finish draws its inspiration from the tranquil essence of the sea, bringing an eco-friendly choice to any bath design. Finish highlights include:

  • Eco-Conscious Production: True to Native Trails’ commitment to the planet, the Ocean finish is another step towards sustainable living. It compliments beloved NativeStone® products handcrafted using a blend of jute—a natural, renewable vegetable fiber—and cement. The collection uses eco-friendly practices and materials to minimize waste and consume less energy than conventional concrete.

  • Artisan-Crafted Elegance: Now offered in six transitional finishes, each piece within the NativeStone® Collection embodies the skill and passion of the brand’s artisan partners; bringing unique, handcrafted beauty to hospitality spaces across North America.

  • Serene Design: The Ocean finish is a coastal-inspired hue that harmonizes with a wide range of design aesthetics, and adds depth and calmness to interior spaces.

  • Wide Product Availability: Ocean is available for 9 different NativeStone bath sinks stylesand 3 NativeStone bathtubs

  • Protective Sealer: Each product in the collection is sealed using NativeStone® Shield to develop a protective stain and scratch-resistant layer. The formula is hand-applied in a multi-step process to create an impenetrable barrier impervious to water, oils, acids, and food.

Trough 3619 in Ocean Morro in Ocean Tolosa in Ocean

Like all of Native Trails products, the NativeStone® Collection includes one-of-a-kind statement pieces for the home, crafted by genuine artisans, made from sustainable materials, and distributed by a company that is committed to using business as a force for good. 

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