New Member Spotlight: Meet Wasserwerk.

New Member Spotlight,

WASSERWERK - Quality workmanship made in Germany. 100 years of excellence. WASSERWERK is delighted to bring their German-made kitchen faucets to the US market in accordance with their understanding of quality. They’ve designed beautiful, high-quality faucets in Germany for over 100 years. To achieve exceptional quality, every element they use is premium-grade.

Luxury for the heart of your home. They make each product with love and attention to detail. Elegant European design made with premium parts and precision technology. WASSERWERK products are finished with different colors that won’t chip. Advanced technology guarantees long-lasting performance and reliability.

Quality from start to finish. Each faucet undergoes three quality control checks using specialized machines. Skilled technicians assemble every faucet with care to ensure the highest quality standards are maintained. From production to transportation, they prioritize sustainability throughout the product lifecycle.

WASSERWERK is the brand of company W. Kirchhoff Inc. and located in Tucker, GA to service the US.