SIGMA Introduces the Innovative 4x4 Collection for the Bath: Elevate Your Space with Ease.

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Create your bath experience with SIGMA's 4x4 Collection – where simplicity meets choices, and your dream becomes an exciting reality.  SIGMA believes that every bathroom can reflect your unique style and preferences and that's why they're thrilled to introduce our revolutionary 4x4 opportunity, a game-changing approach to bath design that offers both customization and value.

Designing Your Dream Bath in 4 Simple Steps:

  1. Choose Your Spout: Begin the transformation by selecting the spout that suits your aesthetic taste and functional requirements. Whether it's a sleek 90-degree spout for a modern look or a classic high-arc design, our range of spout options lets you set the tone for your space.
  2. Select Your Finish: Enhance the bathroom's ambiance by picking the perfect finish to complement your style. From timeless chrome to warm brushed brass, our finish offerings guarantee seamless integration with your existing decor or a fresh start for an entirely new theme.
  3. Pick Your Handles: The available handle choices facilitate customization for a remarkable personal touch. Choose our simple bent lever handles for minimalist allure, or go for the elegant charm of tall cross handles. Whatever your preference, our handle choices are designed to harmonize with your chosen spout and finish.
  4. Choose Your Base: The foundation of your bathroom ensemble matters, which is why the 4x4 Collection lets you decide between round or square bases. Match your selection with the overall design scheme and layout of your bathroom, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing result.

Crafting Your Bathroom Story:

Behind the 4x4 Collection’s success is a narrative of simplicity blended with sophistication. We understand that homeowners seek both design flexibility and value, and our new collection caters to these essential needs flawlessly.

SIGMA's 4x4 Collection is not just a product line; it's an embodiment of simplicity, customization, and value. With four simple steps, anyone can design a bath that speaks to their individuality, all at a cost that makes perfect sense. It's time to reimagine bathroom design with SIGMA. Your style, your space, your story – all in four easy steps.