Top Consumer Shelter Media ‘Steaming’ with Buzz Over MrSteam.

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The media is getting hot and steamy over MrSteam, and rightfully so. Incorporating steam into your lifestyle has significant benefits for your health and well-being.

Domino, the ultimate consumer guide for a stylish life and home, hails MrSteam as “the one [brand that] reigns supreme,” noting the company is “beloved by designers for its heritage, range of packages, and features like music streaming and aromatherapy.” Martha Orellana—or “Mrs. Steam”— is also featured throughout as a steam expert on what to know about the “zen upgrade” gaining momentum in many homes. Orellana shares valuable insights into incorporating steam into your lifestyle, including installation tips and also your investment—both financially and in your well-being.

Dwell Magazine, a leading consumer publication for modern home living and design ideas, recently included steam showers in a feature on bathroom renovations worth investing in, profiling MrSteam’s iTempoPlus Steam Shower System as steam technology recommended by designers.

It’s clear the benefits of steam show no signs of slowing down, and showroom leaders can make a difference in clients' lives with a little help from the steam experts. Learn more at