Watermark Designs’ James Collection Chosen as 30 Most Innovative Products.


Watermark Designs is proud to announce that the collection designed in collaboration with renowned architect, interior designer and product designer Barry Goralnick was chosen by Better Homes & Garden magazine for their 30 Most Innovative Kitchen and Bath products 2023. 

The new collection, according to Barry Goralnick, is the “definition of my signature statement, Blended Modern ™.” With its nod to traditional and industrial design, the collection has one foot in the past and one in the future.  “People always gravitate to things that they can relate to from their personal histories. The industrial aesthetic has been popular ever since the modern architecture of the Bauhaus Movement brought it from the factory to the home,” says Goralnick.  “Each generation has utilized it in different ways, as a small gesture or a literal one.  This softened design with elegant finishes takes it to a new level.“

An accomplished architect, interior designer and product designer, Goralnick marks his first foray into plumbing products, choosing to work with Watermark Designs for several reasons: the brand’s designs are forward-looking with their use of textures, finishes and choices beyond what some larger brands offer. It was important to Goralnick that Watermark hand-crafts their products in Brooklyn, as the collaborators could meet more easily to work through any design or technical challenges.

The James Collection is complete with both knobs and lever faucets, towel bars, toilet paper holders, shower faucetry and hardware, and more. Manufactured from solid brass, the knobs are gear-like, which gives them a deeper, more intricate visual and tactile appeal. When seen in a two-toned finish, the handle becomes even more luxurious and multi-dimensional.