Americh Celebrates 40 Years of American Ingenuity.

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Americh is celebrating a major milestone: 40 years in business. Incorporated in 1982, Americh has grown into one of the most popular American-made brands on the market today.  Founded in North Hollywood, California by Ed Richmond, Americh’s original product offerings were whirlpools and spas. Having a wealth of product design experience from his previous work, Ed knew he wanted to design products that not only looked good but were not a burden for installers. Americh’s whirlpools became the favorite of contractors and subsequently Americh became a trusted source for well-made products.

“Looking back, it might have seemed an enormous leap of faith to start this company, but now, 40 years on, I could not be prouder of what we’ve accomplished,” states Ed Richmond, founder of Americh. “We’ve remained true to our values and we’ve never compromised our products or our goals in any way and we’ve weathered many challenges and come out the other side.”

In 1985, Americh expanded its production capabilities by opening an additional manufacturing facility in Charlotte, North Carolina, enabling more efficient product delivery.  From spas and whirlpools, it wasn’t a huge leap to standard bathtubs and in 2004 Americh released its first freestanding tub. The company grew both in personnel and in product development and production and the breadth of their skills can be seen today in any of Americh’s 100+ styles, available in more than 200 sizes.

Now sold through the best showrooms and wholesalers across North America, Americh is regarded as one of the most dependable and affordable brands on the market. One of Americh’s many strengths and differentiators is its ability to allow for customization. This unique level of hands-on production ensures that every customer has a tub that matches their own aesthetic. “Designed by Us. Personalized by You.” is a mission statement as much as it’s a tag line.

A true “Made-in-the-USA” brand, Americh is also a family endeavor. Ed’s son Greg is involved in the company in design and marketing, and his daughter Michelle in logistics and accounting. Ed Richmond remains a creative force in the company, bringing inspired design ideas to the company and encouraging the team to turn those ideas into reality.

“Americh is unique in so many ways; our philosophy about design and corporate culture, our willingness to be playful and take chances – all with the goal of producing products people will love and that we can be proud of. I think we’ve succeeded at both,” states Greg Richmond, vice president, marketing for Americh.

The most recent example of their willingness to explore ideas is the Textured Tub, an homage to the artist Jackson Pollack. The process to create this tub is wholly artistic.  The in-house artist does each one individually, by hand, much like Pollack himself.  The “splatter” is applied and then smoothed down so there are not bits to snag towels, clothes, etc. Each Textured tub is a one-of-a-kind product.

Americh takes great pride in cultivating a workplace where every employee is as critical to the company’s success as the next. Most of the employees at Americh have been with the brand for more than 10 years, some more than 20.

Americh’s mission has always been to remain true to the philosophy of providing clientele with cutting edge designs and a level of quality that is unmatched in the industry. Americh has been known for innovative ideas and a flair for stimulating the imaginations of designers and home enthusiasts alike. At its very heart, Americh is about facilitating the transformation of an ordinary household bathroom into a personal refuge of serenity and rejuvenation.