Why DPHA is the Best Marketing Resource for Dealers.

Posted By: Phil Hotarek DPHA News,

For years DPHA board members and leaders have been brainstorming ideas for dealer deliverables, and I think we finally stumbled on our hidden treasure.  In mid-2022, DPHA and ShowroomMarketing.com launched a Digital Marketing Dealer Incentive Program to promote all dealer members on the internet.  After just four months and funding, the results blew me away.  Data shows that our dealers are outperforming some of the giants, such as Build.com, Ferguson, Amazon, Wayfair, and more on the first page of Google in 120+ of the top 200 cities in North America!  

Here is how the program works; DPHA has allocated funds for each dealer member to get a budget for digital ad spending, and ShowroomMarketing.com matched this.  Potential clients searching keywords such as, “bath showroom near me” or “bath and kitchen fixtures” are now exposed to a DPHA dealer at the top of their searches.  The results are astounding!  We looked at the data for our showroom, Lutz Bath & Kitchen, and I learned that we have been outperforming Build.com and other competitors consistently.  Sometimes you just don’t notice increased traffic or know where it is coming from.  We have seen an increase in not only phone calls and emails, but foot traffic as well.  I suppose I just attributed it to the current state of the market, but it is pretty clear that DPHA’s dealer program has been very effective. 

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Austin Pike of ShowroomMarketing.com.  Austin has the amazing ability to explain the complexities of data and analytics in such a simple way, so please be sure to check out the video of our walkthrough of just how our Marketing Program works, there really is no better way to learn than from the master himself.  

Here is what you should know about the DPHA Digital Marketing Dealer Incentive Program:

  • There is no cost to you for this program!  This is a benefit of your DPHA membership.  
  • The campaign does not interfere with any existing ad campaigns you may be currently running, but is a supplement.
  • The Collective structure makes us and our dealers unique, making our members more “searchable” and “findable” on the internet.
  • It is HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - the data speaks for itself.  Our dealers are outperforming internet giants consistently.
  • The more our membership grows, the more powerful this campaign becomes.  It is perpetual.

The ShowroomMarketing.com team is led by John Gosselin in the field.  He comes with big energy and an even bigger heart.  His partner, Christine Roman, has an extensive marketing background and a unique ability to connect with people everywhere she goes. The mad scientist of the team is none other than Austin Pike. This team has been wanting to connect with our dealer members to help grow this program; whether you have seen Christine making a ‘splash’ at conference, or John and Austin running demos, they are a team that has their hands on the pulse of internet marketing.  Being from a generation raised in technology, there are lots of elements of tech that intimidate me, so I know other DPHA dealer companies feel the same.  Austin’s confident yet calming presence while thoroughly explaining data in a very simple way to understand brings total clarity to an otherwise complex program.

If you are a dealer, I highly recommend connecting with Austin, John, or Christine to learn more about our dealer incentive program and how it is benefiting your business.  At the very least, it is imperative to educate yourself on the digital ad space so you are always staying one step ahead with your business and controlling as much market share as possible. 

DPHA really hit a home run with this deliverable, and I could not be happier with the results.