MrSteam Introduces SPAH2O Electronic Shower Valve: One Control Does it All.

New Products,

MrSteam announces the launch of the SPAH2O electronic shower valve. The thermostatic, pressure-balancing valve allows for a smooth transition between shower and steam, providing the ultimate shower and steam experience to elevate your well-being. 

The SPAH2O seamlessly integrates with MrSteam’s award-winning iSteamX control, eliminating the need for separate controls. 

Additional features include:

  • The ability to easily pause and resume shower

  • The capability to connect up to three shower fixtures

  • Powerful, reliable safety alarms for personal protection, including auto shutoff and an anti-scalding regulator

  • Easy mounting directly to the wall

  • Compliance with California regulations regarding valve operation to maintain a limited shower flow rate

  • Allows maximum flow rate of 7.3 GPM and minimum flow rate of 1.0 GPM

SPAH2O is intended for fixtures marked for use with automatic compensating valves rated at 1.5 GPM or higher flow rates.