Native Trails Presents 2022 Launches and More at WestEdge Dallas.

New Products,

Native Trails will exhibit its new and current collections at the WestEdge Design Fair that will be hosted for the first-time ever in Dallas from September 16-18, 2022. The brand will showcase vanities from its brand-new Topanga Series, its expanded sizes and finishes from the Vintner’s Collection, and its beloved Solace and Cuzco bases. Sinks from the 25th anniversary Precious Metals Collection, spun-glass Murano Collection, and new introductions in polished finish options from the Copper Collection will all be on display. Native Trails will also feature the freestanding Mendocino tub and Farmhouse Double Bowl sink from the NativeStone® Collection. 

“Today’s designers are experimenting with contrasting colors and mixed materials to achieve a unique vision,” said Naomi Neilson, Founder and CEO of Native Trails. “Between our expanded finish options and ongoing expedition to source natural, sustainable materials, we continuously provide our consumers with quality, artisanal kitchen and bathroom pieces that will help each design be realized.” 

From inception, each product and collection has returned to Native Trails’ mission to enrich peoples’ lives and enhance their living spaces with functional pieces of art that preserve time-honored artisan traditions. These inspiring kitchen and bath products are not only thoughtfully crafted with sustainable materials, but also stimulate the artisan communities through fair trade practices. 

Highlights of what will be on display from Native Trails include:

Vintner’s 36″ Vanity in Blanc (left)

Vintner’s Floating Vanity

in Noir (middle)

Topanga 36” Vanity


Built by American artisans, Vintner’s Collection reuses flat wine-stained oak staves from the heart of California's wine country, used during the fermenting process. The Topanga Series honors the long, rich heritage of Eastern European woodworking. Handcrafted from FSC certified solid walnut—sustainably grown and sourced—artisans use a blend of traditional and modern woodworking methods to create captivating bathroom centerpieces that will serve as an heirloom for generations. 

While the Precious Metals Collection boasts its genuine 24k gold, platinum, silver metallic glazes, the Murano Collection features exquisite glass vessel sinks; both crafted by Italian artisans. An extension to the available copper sink finishes, the Polished Nickel finish is a glistening, warm-toned silver color created through an electroless plating process, resulting in an extremely durable product. Released last year, the NativeStone Charcoal finish has a dramatic and natural industrial appeal, with the power to be a showstopper in any kitchen or bathroom.

You can also see Native Trails' new products at the DPHA Conference in New Orleans October 27-30!