ThermaSol Unveils Wall Mount SignaTouch Controller.

New Products,

ThermaSol® continues to innovate with the introduction of an upgraded version of their versatile SignaTouch in-shower control. 

ThermaSol’s streamlined 5-inch LCD in-shower SignaTouch Control manages lights, music, precision water/temperature control and shower outlet selections with a simple touch. With the ability to mount the control vertically or horizontally to the interior shower wall, built-in Bluetooth®, two customizable user settings and 15 designer finishes, SignaTouch ensures the shower and steam experience is completely personalized.

SignaTouch Features:

  • Compatible with HydroVive 14 and 18
  • 5-inch LCD in-shower Smart Touchscreen Control with solid brass trim
  • Can be installed vertically or horizontally
  • Can be flush/wall mounted or recessed
  • Full control over lighting, sound, water and steam
  • Controls water temperature and flow settings; low, medium, high
  • Controls full spectrum LED lighting, including chromotherapy and mood lighting
  • Full sound control; volume, treble, bass and mid-range
  • Digital CAN-bus Technology
  • Water and steam temperatures along with time settings are retained from previous sessions for ease of use