California Faucets' New Decorative Hardware Program Delivers the Perfect Match.

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California Faucets is now one of the few kitchen and bath faucet manufacturers with a full assortment of hardware, making it easy for designers and homeowners alike to create the perfect match. Drawing from its signature solid brass and expansive array of artisan finishes, the company’s complete lineup—including appliance pulls—features everything needed for a perfectly coordinated kitchen and/or bath.

“Who says you can’t be styling when you open the fridge?” says Noah Taft, California Faucets Chief Marketing Officer, with a smile. “Our new collection makes matching your decorative hardware to your faucet as easy as can be. And because each piece is also hand-finished, not only in style, but in color, grain, and texture, it’s a perfect match every time.” 

More than simply presenting the typical lineup of knobs and pulls and calling it a day, the company’s new hardware collection features a full spectrum of appliance pulls. Created to integrate with trending appliance and cabinet looks, in multiple sizes, designers and homeowners can now create the often-coveted-but-rarely-found “exact” finish match throughout their entire kitchen.

Offering the ultimate in flexibility, the new collection encompasses Traditional, Contemporary, and Industrial styles making it versatile enough to work with classic, modern, transitional, Art Deco, and even steampunk designs. Plus, with each style available in more than 25 artisan finishes, including 12 PVD finishes guaranteed against tarnishing, the collection provides all the elements needed to bring a completely cohesive design vision to life.

In addition to the sheer breadth of finishes and selection of unique styles, a variety of lengths in kitchen and bath pulls bring even more individuality to the space. Notably, the array of appliance pulls in 12-, 18-, and 24-in. lengths and cabinet pulls that range from 3- to 8-in., creates a truly pulled together and customized look.

List pricing for appliance pulls start at $154 for 12-in. pulls in Polished Chrome. Cabinet pulls start at $45 for 3-in. styles in Polished Chrome, and knob prices begin at $21 for Polished Chrome. Each piece comes with mounting hardware.